Understanding Medical Need for DNA Testing


Understanding genetics testing has led to the increment of science knowledge that has led to many technological advancements. This understanding human condition and also the factors which bring human development. Genes and DNA are the components which are found in human, and they are used as building blocks of human life. They are used to determine the physical characteristics that every person have. They are also used to determine the color that a person will have which is different from other individuals. Doctors and scientist all over the world use this information to know the condition that all persons have including the types of diseases they might have. They can analyze the human DNA and use them to treat conditions that people might be suffering from.

There are those fields of health and medicine that benefits from genetic testing. This is because of students are taught a lot concerning this building blocks. They are also able to understand various diseases which are brought by an abnormality that is there in DNA or genes. When a gene sequence is changed, it leads to different diseases. Some of the DNA mutation includes deletion where one of the DNA codons is deleted resulting in a particular type of illness. Another one is substitution where one DNA codon is replaced with another one. For instance, G codon might be substituted with Thiamine, and this completely changes the DNA sequence leading to a disease. Through genetic testing, students will be able to understand all those various types of diseases and come up with ways to treat them.

Additionally, genetic testing is used by doctors all over the world to warn parents of the potential danger a child might be having. Even before a child is born, doctors will be able to home dna test and know whether the child has any disease. They can inform the child’s parent who will prepare in advance for treatment.

DNA testing can be used in confirming a diagnosis or the existing symptoms. If a patient may be having some symptoms which the doctor is doubting, the doctor can use DNA testing to know the particular disease the person might be suffering from. This will allow the person to understand terms and conditions that they will live with and the types of medication they are going to take. To read more on the importance of DNA profiling, check out http://www.ehow.com/how_5513709_start-dna-testing-service.html.

Finally, DNA testing is used to know whether people are related biologically to each other. Instances are many that many parents refuse to admit that the child is theirs especially fathers. DNA testing will help to solve such cases where a sample is taken and dna profiling done, and it will show the biological father of the child.